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PIPPS (the Passenger Interline Pricing/Prorate System), an online pricing, proration, and audit tool, has more than five thousand users worldwide. It offers the airline industry an automated means to resolve interline billing issues or to forecast the settlement of a future ticketing transaction based on the IATA Prorate Manual—Passenger (PMP). Users have the ability to view historical prorate data online, including international prorate factors, proviso requirements, base amounts that are used for the international prorate functions, and global currency five-day exchange rates. In addition to IATA proration, PIPPS has the ability to apply ACH methodology using both local and joint fares.


  • Storage of pertinent fare and rule historical data to allow for complete fare audits
  • Ability to calculate user-specific prorates of an individual coupon
  • Information to resolve interline billing issues
  • Historical fares, rules, footnotes, fare class, and proration data from a single source
  • Ability to prorate coupon surcharges, including fuel and Canadian Navigational (NAVCAN) surcharges


  • Cost-effectiveness: access-based, per-hour pricing
  • Access to historical currency conversion rates based on the Five-Day Mean Average Exchange Rates published by the IATA Clearing House each month
  • One billion historical fares and rules available online: public fares from 1 January 1990; public rules from 1 November 1991; and private data from 1 September 1996

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