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Neutral Fare Proration (NFP)

What is Neutral Fare Proration?
  • ACH-endorsed Neutral Fare Proration (NFP) engine provides proration values for interline settlement, revenue management, and more accurate sales/revenue projections. NFP is powered by APEX® and offered by ATPCO and Kale.
Benefits of Neutral Fare Proration
  • Reduces cost of interline operations
  • Delivers billing information within 24 hours of receipt of sales data (sales-based proration) or supports billing information based on lifted coupons.
  • Eliminates costly maintenance of in-house proration engine and could reduce costs associated with existing out-sourced proration solutions.
  • Reduces manual processes associated with interline billing
About Neutral Fare Proration
  • The Neutral Fare Proration engine uses the Industry Sales Record as an automated feed of ticketing data.
  • You can use the sales record selection for proration (based on Include/Exclude criteria) to ensure that you are getting proration values for only the type of transactions you wish to prorate via the NFP.
  • The Neutral Fare Proration engine has been developed and enhanced to meet the needs of airlines of all sizes.
  • The Neutral Fare Proration engine uses complete ATPCO Fares and Rules data to determine settlement values (including Q Surcharges and YQ/YR)
  • Values are generated for Fare Settlement, ISC, Handling Fee, UATP, and Interlineable Taxes