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First & Final™ Interline Settlement

What is First & Final™ Interline Settlement?

First & Final™ Interline Billing is a fully integrated solution that helps ensure correct billing and allows for dispute-free settlements. It combines Neutral Fare Proration, COMPASS® data storage, Billing Value Determination, and Billing Value Confirmation with partner concurrence to accept interline billings without audit or adjustment. We make first-time billings final.

 Benefits of First & Final™ Interline Settlement
  • Seamlessly integrates with SIS
  • Provides accurate pre-agreed billing values for speed, efficiency, and improved information management
  • Improves cash flow through timely settlement
  • Eliminates manual audits of qualifying coupons and down-line revenue adjustments
  • Eliminates rejects and rebills
  • Reduces the number of coupons to be audited for Sample Interline Billing
  • Avoids interpretation disputes
About First & Final™ Interline Settlement
  • Represents the next step in the Neutral Fare Proration concept, where the values are validated to insure correct billing and allows for dispute free settlement.
      • Validates all values Fare, ISC, Handling Fee, UATP, and Interlineable Taxes
      • Provides codes explaining why a validation failure occurred.
  • Is used by our 42 global participant airlines to process almost 3 million records each month
  • Represents an integral part of the current SIS infrastructure to facility simplified interline settlement.