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First & Final™ Interline Billing Service

First & Final™ Interline Billing is a fully integrated solution that helps ensure correct billing and allows for dispute-free settlements. It combines Neutral Fare Proration, COMPASS® data storage, Billing Value Determination, and Billing Value Confirmation with partner concurrence to accept interline billings without audit or adjustment.


  • Immediate cash flow improvements
  • Reduction in rejects and in the manual process associated with interline billing
  • Confidential SPA and negotiated data handled by an industry neutral organization
  • Billing information available within 24 hours of receipt of sales data
  • Sales data repository


  • Industry Sales Record sales data consolidation feature
  • Pre-proration filter
  • IATA/ATA–endorsed neutral fare proration engines
  • Post-sales processing
  • Fare, Interlineable Tax, ISC, and Handling Fee value verification