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Billing Value Determination

What is Billing Value Determination?
  • A process that will allow a carrier to request their stored interline sales and prorate data, at the time of lift, to facilitate the interline billing process; OR
  • A process that will allow a carrier to send their sales data to be neutrally prorated, at time of lift. This data will then be used to facilitate the interline billing process.
Benefits of Billing Value Determination
  • Billing Value Determination will be an easy and efficient interline billing process
  • It will minimize or even eliminate the need for carriers to store interline transactions internally because data will be neutrally stored in the secure COMPASS® data warehouse
  • The process will handle planned and un-planned lift scenarios
  • Billing Value Determination will support the Auto-billing option, further integrating your systems for optimal performance.
About Billing Value Determination
  • At the time of lift, a carrier will be able to submit a Usage file to the IS Provider either
    • Requesting the stored interline sales and prorate data or
    • Requesting that the submitted sales data be neutrally prorated
  • The process will retrieve the original sales and prorate data from COMPASS® database.
    • If no prorate data is available, or the carrier sends sales data, the process will send the sales data to the Neutral Fare Proration (NFP) engine for proration.
  • Carriers can choose to have the retrieved sales and prorate data returned to themselves to facilitate the beginning of the interline billing process at the carrier, or they can choose the Auto-billing option that begins the interline billing process automatically.

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