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Billing Value Confirmation

What is Billing Value Confirmation?
  • A process that will completely validate the values being billed between interline partners.
Benefits of Billing Value Confirmation
  • Billing Value Confirmation will provide integrity and quality assurance to billed interline values, resulting in fewer interline disputes.
  • Avoids misuse of values.
About Billing Value Confirmation
  • Billings will be validated to ensure that the values being billed are equivalent to the values that were generated by either the issuing airlines or the Neutral Fare Proration (NFP) engine.
  • All values will be validated at the time of billing, including the
    • Fare
    • Interlineable Tax
    • ISC/Handling Fees
    • UATP
  • The process will check
    • Currency adjustment
    • Industry ISC based on billing period
    • Industry UATP based on billing period
  • The results of the Billing Value Confirmation will be included in the IS-IDEC/IS-XML
    • Reporting of the Billing Value Confirmation allows for monitoring of both inward and outward billings. Reporting provides information on both what was billed and what should have been billed for all values.

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