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What is Auto-billing?
  • This service will allow an airline to automatically bill interline coupons immediately after flight departure.
Benefits of Auto-billing
  • Automation from ticketing to settlement reduces costs and improves data quality.
  • The ability to completely outsource interline billing removes the need to maintain your own revenue accounting system for billing.
About Auto-billing
  • Auto-billing will use NFP (Neutral Fare Prorate) results or Stored prorates.
  • The IS (Integrated Settlement) process
    • Accumulates prorate records received through the Billing Value Determination process and generates invoices on behalf of the billing carrier.
    • Each day, generates a Revenue Recognition File containing the billing records of coupons included in the Auto-billing invoices.
    • Forwards the Revenue Recognition File along with the optional ISR (Industry Sales Record) data to the billing carrier.
    • Through IS-WEB, will allow the billing carrier to correct or update the values of the Auto-billing invoices.
    • Will automatically close and finalize the Auto-billed invoices.
  • A&A will use existing functionality to support this service.

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