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Total Price Comparison

Gathering intelligence for key markets against top competitors is critical. Total Price Comparison is ATPCO’s newest fare management tool that quickly and easily helps you get - a comparative view of your lowest filed total prices (including base fare, carrier-imposed (YQ/YR) fees, taxes, and surcharges) against your competitors’, allowing detailed monitoring in key markets for better competitive analysis.

Total Price Comparison helps identify when you are not competitive on key elements of the total price. Multiple options for viewing your data such as calendar and chart views help your analysts easily spot trends or pinpoint discrepancies in advance. Searches can be specified by departure dates, fare amounts, and fare differences (amount or percentage) for up to a range of 180 days. Total Price Comparison is integrated with other ATPCO products, making it fast and easy to adjust your fares.


  • Single view/multiple data points: In a single table, Total Price Comparison reports price discrepancies of the total fare price, which includes the base fare, carrier-imposed fees (YQ/YR), taxes, and surcharges, for defined competitors and markets.
  • Date Range: Users can filter results by departure date, connections, fare amounts, and fare differences (amount or percentage) for up to 180 days from selected departure date. Analysts easily determine how their rules are impacting their competitive position, when variations occur and by how much.
  • Two search options: Choose which works best for you. Searches can be run on-demand, or monitoring sets can be stored and run on a scheduled basis.
  • Visualize market variations: Quickly get the information you need. Choose Report View to analyze the components and immediately flag which price element differentiates you from your competitor. Then switch to Chart View to spot trends up to 180 days in advance, to evaluate where you stand with the competition and identify misaligned travel, seasonality, and blackout dates. With Calendar View you can see on which days of a month you are not offering the lowest fare in the market.
  • Integrated with ATPCO monitoring and management tools: Total Price Comparison is integrated with many of ATPCO’s fare monitoring and pricing tools. Analysts can shift to Market View for a comprehensive display of fares with associated rule provisions, as well as create GFS Fast Track monitoring sets to follow daily sales and results of fare initiatives, or navigate to FareManager to change fares, rules, footnotes, and carrier-imposed fees.
  • Accurate analysis: Total Price Comparison ensures greater accuracy by combining scheduling data and ATPCO’s own database, the world’s most trusted source of fare-related data.


  • View total price to include base fare, surcharges, taxes, and carrier imposed fees (YQ/YR)
  • Incorporates routings based data
  • Processes both Public Specified and Constructed Fares
  • View lowest applicable total public fare in a market for up to 180 days
  • View results in report, calendar or chart view
  • Integrates with ATPCO monitoring and management tools
  • Different search options permit you to either create monitoring sets for daily use or on-demand for one-time searches
  • Download your reports

New to Total Price Comparison 2.0

New Summary View for Monitoring Set

  • The capability to visually compare and analyze large volumes of data in a summarized view so you can quickly identify discrepancies.

Improved On-Demand Search

  • Price one-way itineraries to compare with your competitors’ one-way fares.
  • Search multiple markets for up to 300 unique Origin/Destination/Carrier combinations to increase search capacity and get even more data.
  • Run compound and multiple criteria sets in a single search to consolidate your search criteria and give you more precise results for analysis.


Current ATPCO customers can access a free e-learning course in the Customer Center (login required).