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Service Fees Analysis

It’s not easy staying competitive in the airline industry, especially with the rising cost of jet fuel and the overwhelming number of credit card surcharges. Imagine, though, how your business could grow if you could monitor what your competitors are doing to recoup these costs. What would you gain by knowing their fuel surcharges or their credit card fees?

With ATPCO’s Service Fee Analysis, you can track, monitor, and compare your fuel and credit card surcharges, among other ticketing fees, with your competitors’ fees quickly and easily. This easy-to-use monitoring and analysis tool gives you a complete view of the marketplace, so you can keep your business as competitive as possible.


  • Keep your business as competitive as possible by observing trends in the marketplace and tracking when your competition changes its fuel, carrier-imposed, and ticketing fees
  • Make better educated price adjustments based on current and historical Carrier-Imposed (YQ/YR) Fees and Ticketing Fees data
  • Cut the time it takes to monitor your competition with easy-to-use, automated, and customizable analysis tools


  • Current data from Carrier-Imposed (YQ/YR) Fees or Ticketing Fees, as well as historical YQ/YR data from 2005 and Ticketing Fees data from 2006
  • Customizable search tools to monitor fees in place on specific dates or a range of dates (up to a three-year time span)
  • Downloads to Microsoft Excel for easy sorting and customization

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Service Fees Analysis is powered by data from

  • Carrier-Imposed (YQ/YR) Fees
  • Ticketing Fees

You can access this product through FareManager.

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