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GFSJ (Government Filing System Justification) data and the Filing Summary provide the context and scope of market changes necessary to improve your ability to identify and analyze shifts within and across markets and to design responses that support your pricing strategy. This is the same text that is filed in GFS by more than 500 airlines and aviation-related companies and is presented to governments that use ATPCO when analyzing pricing initiatives.


  • Link the complete pricing workflow within your decision support system. GFSJ includes the Filing Advice Number (FAN) that can be linked to other elements of a filing initiative included in your subscription data, keeping the complete workflow cycle, from identification through analysis to preparing a response, within your decision support system.
  • Prioritize your work. The Filing Summary provides a neutral synopsis of filing details for fares and add-ons, including the number of new and canceled fares, the number of increased fares with the percentage range of the increase, and the number of decreased fares with the percentage range of the decrease.


  • Justification text records. You receive a file that is made up of fixed-length records, which are quick and easy to load into your database.
  • Historical justification text. You can initialize your database with up to 90 days of historical justification text.
  • Partner private justifications. You can receive justifications from the private filings made by partner organizations, if the data owner permits.