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FROP (Fare Rule Output Product) is the only source of merged fare and rule data from ATPCO. It provides essential data for implementing your revenue management or revenue accounting system quickly and at a low cost. FROP data is transmitted in a fixed-length file of records containing fare information and summarized rule conditions for key categories.


  • Enhances revenue accounting. You can supplement your sales data with FROP and perform fare and rule audits to validate that your fares were sold correctly. FROP is compatible with several vendors’ revenue accounting software and can be readily used in their audit modules to recover revenue from tickets.
  • Improves revenue management. Quickly align your fares with other fares in the marketplace by using the associated rule provisions to determine if your product is competitive.
  • Product flexibility. Use FROP to display fares on your Web site, load fares and rules into your decision support system, create a fares publication, or produce internal fare reports.
  • Summarized rule data. Each fare you receive is combined with key elements from supporting rule, footnote, and fare basis information.
  • Easy fare selection. You choose the fares that you want in FROP, including partner private data, by using filters or selection parameters such as tariff, carrier, country, city, fare basis, or directionality.