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Fast Track

Track the performance of your fare initiatives and maximize your revenues with Fast Track, one of ATPCO’s online fare management tools. Fast Track provides you with daily sales data matched to filings at the market and fare class level, so you can analyze the performance of your pricing initiatives and make any necessary adjustments.


  • Create monitoring sets that report results daily or provide ad hoc instant results from your 30-day historical database of sales
  • Produce a scheduled monitoring set when making a filing to track the results of a fare initiative
  • View daily sales information on fares associated with a filing or a group of user-selected fares
  • Determine the value of sales that were driven by a particular GFS filing
  • Find out the number and value of reissues for the fares tracked in your monitoring set
  • View daily sales by market, fare basis code, sale date, point-of-sale, or system, all the way down to the ticket level of data
  • Download your results

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