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Carrier-Imposed Fees

Carrier-Imposed Fees records provide a standardized automated collection, distribution, and pricing method for fuel and carrier-imposed fees. These records are public data (available to any subscriber).


  • A single point of distribution to the world’s CRSs and GDSs
  • The ability of a CRS or GDS to load its pricing service fee data automatically and without significant human intervention, thereby allowing new fees to be applied in the marketplace in the shortest possible time
  • This single industry solution reduces the amount of subscriber customization for each airline, thereby reducing development costs and time-to-market
  • Historical data is available to download, search, and filter, helping carriers resolve settlement issues and make solid business decisions

Product Package

Carrier-Imposed Fees is a supplementary subscription that supports the fare and rule products. It is available in Basic, Limited, and Carrier’s Web Site service options.