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Business Benefits

With up to 15 percent of airline tickets being reissued or refunded, it is critical that your airline process these transactions as efficiently and effectively as possible. With ATPCO's Automated Reissues and Refunds, you will achieve numerous business benefits, such as


  • Increased revenue through elimination of re-pricing errors
  • Accurate and consistent application of reissue and refund policies and charges
  • Consistent collection of add collect and change fee amounts


  • Faster processing of reissues and refunds: less than two minutes per transaction
  • Little training required to automate reissues and refunds
  • Fewer staff needed to handle itinerary changes and cancellations

Customer Satisfaction

  • Itinerary changes and cancellations processed with greater speed
  • Shorter queues at ticket counters and shorter on-hold times at call centers
  • Passengers can complete itinerary changes at airport kiosks and online without agent assistance

Almost 120 airlines around the world are already profiting from automation of their reissues and refunds. If you are not one of them, consider using ATPCO's Automated Reissues and Refunds product with one of the global distribution systems or pricing engines currently accepting our data and reap the benefits today.