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Answer Tables

Answer Tables are supplementary subscriptions that support ATPCO’s Fares, Rules, and Service Fees products. ATPCO updates the tables as airlines request changes, and subscribers receive daily updates of this information.

Frequent Flyer Status

This table will link an airline’s frequent flyer membership tiers with the applicable ATPCO frequent flyer status level number and Passenger Type Code (PTC). It also links an airline’s frequent flyer membership tiers with its alliance partner's frequent flyer award levels.

ATPCO Frequent Flyer Status Answer Table Template

Reservation Booking Designator

This table maps an airline’s booking codes to its cabin classes. It includes the cabin-matching standards outlined in IATA Resolution 728, as well as data exceptions from more than 200 airlines that have established their own unique standards for matching booking codes and cabin classes.

Bank Identification Number (BIN)

Using this look-up table, global distribution systems and other subscribers can distinguish between credit and debit cards based on their BINs. The first six digits of a credit or debit card number are called the BIN, and these numbers identify the issuing bank and the type of card.



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