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Data Distribution and Subscriptions

ATPCO is the data supplier of all major pricing engines: more than 99% of fare data distributed by intermediaries to these pricing engines, which results in 83% of autopriced tickets worldwide, is driven by ATPCO data. Our data subscription feeds, extracted from the most current and comprehensive database in the industry, are available for itinerary pricing, fare auditing, decision support, revenue management systems, and other fare activity reporting purposes. The data distribution portion of the ATPCO Life Cycle of the Fare refers to these subscription products.

Whether you need a comprehensive worldwide data feed or to download only a few markets, ATPCO can customize subscriptions so you receive the data you need when you need it. We offer packages for United States and Canada fares and rules, international fares and rules that are to/from the United States and Canada, and AllFares fares and rules. You can also receive supplementary subscriptions for routings, service fees, and other fare-related data that help you maximize the information you receive from our fare and rule products.

Once you know which products you need, you can decide whether to purchase Basic, Limited, or Carrier's Web Site subscriptions. Basic Service allows you to transfer data to a third party for fare quotes, use it with your own software (with prior written authorization from ATPCO), and use it in printed publications. Limited Service allows you to use the data for internal management purposes only; data cannot be transferred to a third party. The Carrier's Web Site subscription allows you to price and sell your own tickets directly via your Web site and use your own pricing software. The data can also be used for internal management purposes.

Finally, you can choose when to receive your data. Some products are available through scheduled subscriptions on an hourly basis.

To learn how ATPCO’s data distribution options can give your organization a competitive edge, please contact the Regional Director in your area.