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Simplified Rules

Negotiated contracts, which are coded as Fare By Rule fares on ATPCO’s database, and other Fare By Rule fares are a significant source of revenue for the airline industry. Over time, they have become highly complex and are primarily distributed through ATPCO and autopriced by global distribution systems.

Simplified Rules enables airline pricing analysts to easily and accurately code the provisions for negotiated contracts and Fare By Rule fares in a simplified workflow using one data input screen. The solution’s streamlined interface and pre-populated data from carrier-defined templates can reduce coding time by up to 50 percent and increase speed to market. 


  • Increase speed to market by as much as 50 percent
  • Reduce staff and training costs significantly
  • Improve accuracy and consistency and minimize coding errors


  • Create rule templates to reuse for standardized contract types
  • Simplify workflow using one data input screen
  • Reduce coding time through a streamlined interface and pre-populated data from your own templates

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