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Negotiated Fares

Negotiated Fares is a fully automated and innovative data distribution business solution for processing private fares. It facilitates the handling of the multiple, linked fare amounts (Gross, Selling, and Net) traditionally associated with negotiated agreements.


  • A single point of distribution to the world’s CRSs and GDSs
  • High level of security for distributed and contracted data
  • Control of selling, ticketing, markup, redistribution, and reissue of fares
  • Fares identified as net or selling amounts in the fare class record; ability to give markup authority to agents
  • Support of ticketing, commission, tour code, security, and fare creation information

Private Fares versus Negotiated Fares

Use Private Fares (Category 15) for security information when your private fares are selling amounts with no special ticketing or commission requirements. Use Negotiated Fares (Category 35) when you have net amounts subject to markup or when there are specified exceptions to standard ticketing or commissions.

Related Products

ATPCO offers different options for your private fares that facilitate accurate and timely pricing of your corporate programs, discount fares, and fares requiring restricted distribution and access. ATPCO houses more than 62 million private industry fares. The Automated Rules categories—Negotiated Fares, Private Fares, and Fare By Rule—that contain private fares data are some of the most actively used categories at ATPCO.

Negotiated Fares is used in conjunction with:

You can access this product through FareManager.