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Express Contracts

Negotiated contracts are a significant source of revenue for the airline industry. Over time, contracts have evolved from simple paper documents to highly complex and proprietary agreements that are primarily distributed through ATPCO and autopriced by global distribution systems.

ATPCO’s Express Contracts is the only automated solution that airline pricing analysts can use to translate negotiated contracts from PDF, Word, or Excel into an ATPCO format that is ready for distribution in as little as 10 minutes. Using this solution for standardized contracts speeds time to market, helping you realize sales more quickly while saving resources and training costs. 


  • Increase speed to market by as much as 95 percent
  • Process contracts in as little as 10 minutes
  • Reduce staff and training costs significantly
  • Drive consistent and accurate pricing results through automation


  • Processes a contract in approximately 10 minutes
  • Translates contract provisions in  multiple document types: PDF, Word, Excel, and loads automatically into ATPCO system
  • Processes contracts for multiple airlines and tariffs in one step
  • Automates coding of new contracts into ATPCO format

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