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Baggage Allowance and Charges Solution Overview

With ATPCO’s Baggage Allowance and Charges, you can deliver accurate and consistent baggage information to your travelers and ensure your baggage policies are correctly applied in the marketplace. In doing so, you gain the ability to increase revenues and improve your customer relationships, all while meeting the US Department of Transportation and IATA baggage requirements.

Increase revenues

  • Ensure accurate and consistent application of baggage rules throughout all channels and on all flights
  • Vary your baggage rules by passenger, fare type, equipment, frequent flyer status, or travel period, among other options
  • Enable travel agencies to sell excess baggage through their own systems
  • Reduce the number of disputes about baggage fees with interline and alliance partners

Improve customer relationships

  • Communicate your baggage rules to passengers at the time of purchase no matter where they buy their ticket
  • Increase transparency by clearly presenting the total fare—including checked baggage fees—in all sales channels
  • Improve your check-in process by equipping your check-in agents with an accurate and complete list of allowed baggage in advance

Meet industry requirements

  • Ensure pricing, reservations, and departure control systems comply with IATA Resolution 302, which goes into effect in April 2011
  • Implement industry-standard processes for distributing baggage rules and determining whose rules apply on an interline journey


When your airline files its policies in ATPCO’s Baggage Allowance and Charges, you can

  • Identify the types of bags that your airline accepts at no charge or for a fee
  • Detail your free baggage rules, as well as any charges for excess, overweight, or oversized bags
  • Vary your allowance and charges based on the passenger’s journey information, such as passenger or fare type, frequent flyer status, ticket data, or travel period
  • Create custom baggage rules for your corporate travelers
  • Define your baggage allowance and charges with a piece and/or weight system
  • Set baggage charges based on a percentage of a fare, the number of additional pieces, or the amount of excess weight (by the kilogram or pound)