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Baggage Allowance and Charges

Deliver accurate and consistent baggage information to your passengers with ATPCO’s Baggage Allowance and Charges.

Participating Carriers as of 31 May 2017
Carriers filing baggage allowance 412
Carriers filing baggage charges 326
Carriers filing carry-on data 239
Carriers filing prepaid data 66
Carriers filing Baggage Embargoes 25

List of carriers that have submitted baggage data

The industry's single source for baggage information, Baggage Allowance and Charges is a centralized database of more than 370 airlines' baggage rules that enables you to publish your free baggage provisions, excess and special items, embargoes, and carry-on allowance and fees in all sales channels. When you file your policies in ATPCO’s Baggage Allowance and Charges, you can identify what your passengers can bring for free, define what items cost extra and how much, and customize your policies depending on a passengers’ status.

Additionally, your policies can be distributed to GDSs, online travel agencies, departure control and reservation systems, and other pricing engines through hourly subscriptions, as well as our Baggage Calculator solutions. This process helps ensure your bag policies are correctly assessed and applied in all sales channels, protecting and maximizing your revenues. It also guarantees that your passengers always receive accurate and consistent information about checked baggage and helps your pricing, reservations, and departure control systems comply with IATA Resolution 302 and the US Department of Transportation requirements.