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Automated Reissues & Refunds

Cut the time it takes to change and cancel airline tickets from more than 40 minutes to less than two with ATPCO's Automated Reissues and Refunds. Automating manual processes reduces staff time and ensures accuracy. No longer will passengers have to wait on the phone or in long queues at the airport to change their tickets, boosting their overall satisfaction. They could also process their own changes online or at airport kiosks without the help of a ticket agent.

Thanks to ATPCO's Automated Reissues and Refunds, itinerary changes and cancellations can be processed almost anywhere and nearly instantly. With our comprehensive and customizable product, you will simplify a once-complex process and save your company valuable time and money.

Using Automated Reissues and Refunds, you will achieve accurate and consistent results, maximizing your revenue potential and cost savings.

Almost 120 airlines, which together constitute more than 55 percent of the world's commercial traffic, are currently using ATPCO's Automated Reissues and Refunds, and all the major global distribution and pricing systems accept our data. Visit the links below to learn how you can start profiting from Automated Reissues and Refunds.