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Data Collection and Input Services

Data collection is the process and products that airlines use to create and send their fares to ATPCO for distribution. Our Web-hosted products and data coding resources simplify the process of getting airfares into the marketplace.

ATPCO maintains a comprehensive worldwide database of more than 164 million fares, composed of public, private, and IATA data, for more than 400 airlines. Our continued prominence in data collection means you can rely on our wealth of experience in collecting airline pricing information and providing support services to the global travel industry.

Our online FareManager system allows our customers the ease and flexibility to create, modify, match, or cancel airfares in seconds. In addition to fare information, ATPCO processes related data such as Rules, Routings, Footnotes, Reservation Booking Designator (RBD), Ticketing Fees, Carrier-Imposed (YQ/YR) Fees, Optional Services, and Branded Fares. ATPCO also built and supports complex products such as Negotiated Fares and Fare By Rule, which create private and dynamic fares. Access to these systems is free of charge.

ATPCO offers an experienced staff to maintain data on your behalf. We also have dedicated support teams to assist you with your own data coding, resolving pricing problems and answering general data collection and distribution questions. Our goal is to provide you with effective service solutions to meet your distribution needs. To learn how ATPCO’s data collection systems allow you to participate in the world’s most comprehensive fare database, please contact the ATPCO Regional Director in your area.