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You’re in Charge of Your Fare-Related Data

You’re in Charge of Your Fare-Related Data

By: Bryan Trauger, Product Manager




You told us that you want to get your fares, rules, and footnotes into the market and available for travelers to purchase as fast as possible, but you also need make sure that enough validations are performed to ensure your data passes pricing safeguards and checks for high quality.

How can you achieve the right balance of speed and data quality checks that is best for your organization? Just as you might consider a powerful truck, a gas-saving hybrid car, or a quick-accelerating electric car for your next vehicle, tomorrow you will be able to choose the level of validation you want to be applied to your fare, rule, and footnote data.

ATPCO is revising the Filing Validation Options in the new Distribution application to give airlines and data providers better control over how your data is processed so we can improve processing time and accommodate your internal business processes.

You can now choose one of three levels of validation for your data: Full, Partial, and Limited. The thing to remember is that the higher the validation level, the longer the processing time.

Full is like a big pickup truck, representing the highest level and bringing the most power to data quality checks.

Partial is the middle level, and like a hybrid, blends powerful data checks while using less time.

Limited is the lowest level of validation, like an electric car that gets moving quickly.

Once you are more familiar with the choices ahead of you, you can decide what’s best for your fare-content.  

If you are a current customer, following the implementation on 17 June, default validation levels were applied to your data: US/CA tariffs except Fare by Rule were defaulted to Limited, and all other tariffs were defaulted to Full. If you need something different, just submit the Form (login registration required) to request the validation you want to apply.

We are here to help you. Inquire to learn more about your fare-related data filing and distribution, as well as our exciting industry-focused conference, Elevate 2017.

So, go ahead, get behind the wheel and take control.