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Weekly Update (9-15 January 2017)

Below is a summary of ATPCO corporate and product news from the week ending 15 January.

10 January

  • In accordance with ACH Communication No. 006 of 5 January 2017, Neutral Fare Proration (NFP) will apply the new Interline Service Charge rate of 0.4% to ACH tickets for February through April 2017 billings. 

11 January

  • Industry adoption for the Branded Fares Upsell assumption is proposed for 12 March 2017. Upsell is a key Branded Fares mechanism that allows airlines to generate additional revenues by offering customers higher-value products. Please complete and submit the Milestone 4 form by 13 January 2017.
  • The Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) information has been updated by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. 

12 January

  • The list of airports has been updated based on the IRS official list of rural airports. 

13 January

  • In accordance with ACH Communication No. 009 of 12 January 2017, the IATA Weighted Mileage Involuntary Reroute Settlement Rates were updated to apply to new sectors on a bilateral basis.


You can read these bulletins on the ATPCO Customer Center at (customer login required).