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Weekly Update (28 March-3 April 2016)

Below is a summary of ATPCO corporate and product news from the week ending 3 April.

31 March

  • As a follow-up to the 20 February 2016 Optional Services Provisions (Record S7) Pagination Enhancement, ATPCO will increase the default number of sequences displayed from 300 to 1000. This change will occur on 3 April 2016. The additional sequences available on each page will reduce the number of key strokes required to manage large volumes of data.

1 April

  • In response to an IATA industry change, ATPCO will implement further Industry Sales Record (ISR) enhancements to accommodate the new Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) Data Interchange Standards Handbook (DISH) version 22 related to Coupon Tax information and Netting Values. 

You can read these bulletins on the ATPCO Customer Center at (customer login required).