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Weekly Update (27 June-3 July 2016)

Below is a summary of ATPCO corporate and product news from the week ending 3 July.

27 June

  • The industry implementation of the new carrier fare selection logic specified in IATA Tariff Composite Resolution 017ha is scheduled to occur 30 June 2016. ATPCO is making changes in response to this industry mandate.

 29 June

  • In support of the Baggage Allowance and Charges, Optional Services, Branded Fares and in response to industry requests, ATPCO is creating several new Industry Sub Codes. 

30 June

  • ATPCO will implement the Data Distribution and Subscriptions (DD&S) project on 17 July 2016. To help you prepare for the upcoming DD&S installation, ATPCO has developed an implementation timeline that outlines all activities you will need to complete to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the upgraded system.

01 July

  • As we approach the implementation of Data Distribution and Subscription (DD&S) project, ATPCO will host a webinar to answer of all your DD&S-related questions. Please join us for the webinar session on 7 July 2016. Register now.
  • Save the date for the upcoming Optional Services and Branded Fares Working Group. The meeting will be held from 24 to 28 October 2016 at the Travelport Denver-Panorama Office in Centennial, Colorado. The meeting will run from 0900 to 1700 US Mountain Time on Monday, 24 October through Thursday, 27 October and from 0900 to 1300 on Friday, 28 October.
  • ATPCO has updated the list of carriers that file General Rule tariffs with the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT). The Canadian Transport Agency (CTA) maintains a list of carriers that file General Rule tariffs with the CTA, and that list is now available. These lists are used by systems to determine carriers whose baggage rules can be applied to journeys to/from the United States or Canada.

You can read these bulletins on the ATPCO Customer Center at (login required).