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Weekly Update (21-27 November 2016)

Below is a summary of ATPCO corporate and product news from the week ending 27 November.

22 November

  • ATPCO's FareManager 300 course is now available in e-learning format. This course focuses on restricting fares using various Rules categories (including Blackouts, Sales Restrictions, Flight Application, and Discounts), General Rules, and controlling the distribution of private data.
  • ATPCO will implement a number of changes to correct non-critical items to FareManager Rules and Footnotes. These changes will become effective 11 December and do not affect subscribers because they do not require changes to subscription documentation. 

25 November

  • A new tax code has been reserved by IATA to support health insurance requirements from the Cuban government. Carriers who wish to collect this charge on the ticket should begin instructing new charges as tax exceptions and move existing charges in ATPCO systems to tax data.


You can read these bulletins on the ATPCO Customer Center at (login required).