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Weekly Update (18-24 July 2016)

Below is a summary of ATPCO corporate and product news from the week ending 17 July.

18 July

  • ATPCO encountered a problem that resulted in the distribution of the 0700 subscription transmission before the completion of all 0600 subscription files from 18 July 2016. Action will be taken to resolve the problem.
  • In accordance with ACH Communication No. 112 of 15 July 2016, The IATA Weighted Mileage Involuntary Reroute Settlement Rates were updated to apply to new sectors on a bilateral basis.

19 July

  • To enhance the ability to differentiate ancillary offerings in all distribution channels and improve the user experience, ATPCO will add new capabilities to both the Optional Services and Branded Fares products. The enhancements will go into effect on 30 October 2016. Please review the attached documentation and submit the Milestones 2/3/4 form by 5 August 2016.

20 July

  • ATPCO will host the Tailored Air Travel Experience educational series to help you understand how Optional Services and its growing capabilities can empower you to increase your ancillary revenues by differentiating and personalizing customer offerings in a time-efficient manner.
    Register now for the first webinar in the series which will take place Wednesday, 27 July. 

21 July

  • ATPCO's FareManager 200 e-learning course has been updated to take advantage of the improved workflows featured in the newly implemented Data Distribution and Subscriptions (DD&S) project. Together with FareManager 100 e-learning and Getting Ready for FareManager, you can now learn the basics of the Fares, Footnotes, Routings, and Rules applications through e-learning.

22 July

  • ATPCO enforces the encryption of all connections to our systems through the use of third-party Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates as part of our Security Best Practices Initiative. These certificates render the "https://" prefix of the URL name within your browser, ensuring that data transferred during the session is encrypted.  ATPCO will be renewing the Thawte SSL certificates for on or about 20 August 2016.

You can read these bulletins on the ATPCO Customer Center at (login required).