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Weekly Update (16-22 May 2016)

Below is a summary of ATPCO corporate and product news from the week ending 22 May.

18 May

  • In response to customer requests, ATPCO proposes to revise the order in which Branded Fares tiers are processed to ensure that airline products are correctly displayed in the marketplace. 

19 May

  • Please join us for the next Data Application Working Group webinar on 22 June 2016 from 0930 to 1130 US Eastern Time.
  • In accordance with ACH Communication No. 081 of 18 May 2016, the IATA Weighted Mileage Involuntary Reroute Settlement Rates were updated to apply to new sectors on a bilateral basis.

You can read these bulletins on the ATPCO Customer Center at (login required).