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Weekly Update (11-17 July 2016)

Below is a summary of ATPCO corporate and product news from the week ending 17 July.

11 July

  • The Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) information has been updated by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. 
  • In accordance with ACH Communication No.109 of 6 July 2016, NFP will apply the new Interline Service Charge rate of 0.4% to ACH tickets for August through October 2016 billings. This rate applies unless bilateral interline settlement agreements stipulate otherwise.

12 July

  • With the Technology Transformation Data Distribution and Subscriptions implementation scheduled to begin on 15 July 2016, ATPCO is reminding customers of the points of contact to be used.

13 July

  • Fare By Rule Record 3 table numbers are being depleted rapidly, and if they continue to do so at the current rate, we expect to run out of numbers in the next 12 to 15 months. To ensure that systems can continue to process Fare By Rule data, ATPCO will implement new logic to assign table numbers, including the reuse of cancelled table numbers, in Fourth Quarter 2016.
  • ATPCO plans to implement two enhancements to Category 25 (Fare By Rule) on 20 May 2017. These enhancements offer carriers more options for RBD validation and fare calculation. Both enhancements apply only for calculated type Fare By Rule fares.

15 July

  • On 30 June 2016, ATPCO implemented enhancements to PIPPS and Data Application clarifications to support the new carrier fare selection logic specified in IATA Tariff Composite Resolution 017ha. Please submit the Milestone 5 form by 29 July to verify that this change was implemented successfully and that data affected by this change processes correctly.
  • ATPCO Optional Services and Branded Fares products are changing to keep pace with airlines' evolving needs. The data input screens for both Optional Services and Branded Fares will be upgraded to use a more flexible grid layout that incorporates ATPCO's latest user interface standards. 

17 July

  • ATPCO has successfully implemented the Technology Transformation: Data Distribution and Subscriptions (DD&S) project. All ATPCO applications, including those accessed via FareManager and E-Connect, are back in service.
  • ATPCO is working through issues from a delay in processing the 1700 subscription transmissions on 16 July 2016. ATPCO has released and begun transmitting the 0600 subscription transmissions from 17 July 2016. Subsequent subscription transmissions scheduled for 17 July 2016 will be released every 15-30 minutes until subscription transmissions are current.

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