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Glossary - U

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User-defined group.

ultimate revenue amount

The amount retained by the airline excluding all taxes, fees, and post-reporting commissions.

unavailable tag

A tag attached to Record 1 stating that the rules are incomplete or cannot be used for autopricing.

unbundled fares

Any fare, public or private, that excludes all taxes and fees as part of its distributed price. See bundled fares.

unedited transaction

A fare record within a fares batch that contains components that are not recognized as being valid.

  1. The status assigned by the system to provisions that have been updated but have not yet been processed through GFS and subsequently sent in Subscriptions. See also filed data.
  2. See non-filed.

Unaccompanied child (usually age 5-11 or 8-11).

unpublished fare

ATPCO term for fares constructed by adding specified and add-on amounts together. Also called constructed.


To make changes to the master file.

update a batch

Moving transactions within a batch to the database. Most information that is updated to the database is not autopriceable or received by subscribers unless it is filed in GFS. Also called making a batch public (Release action).

update errors

Records in batch processing that do not pass update. The update step applies the fares to the master file. If there are difficulties, then the fare will not be applied to the master file. Instead, it becomes an update error record. Update errors occur, for example, when a carrier tries to increase a fare that does not exist, cancel a fare that is already canceled, or add a new fare that already exists.


An individual or organization having the authority to change data in ATPCO systems.


The United States and Canada.

US/CA domestic fare

Fares that are published for travel within the continental United States, between the continental United States and Alaska/Hawaii, within Alaska/Hawaii, between the 50 United States and Canada/Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands, within Canada/Puerto Rico/ Virgin Islands, or between Canada and Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands. Also called local fares.

user-defined group

A group of conditions, similar to inclusive tables, created in order to speed processing for frequently used fields (location, routing, rule, footnote, and market) in a query.

user-defined zone

Any grouping of locales using cities, states, countries, industry zones, or areas defined by a data owner and assigned a unique Table 978 number. This zone ID can then be used as a single location when creating fares in Category 25.

user ID

The seven-letter user name for access to ATPCO systems.