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Welcome to ATPCO E-Learning, our newest training offering designed to help improve productivity and make the most of ATPCO tools. Receive the same quality instruction as an instructor-led class from the comfort of your own office. ATPCO E-learning features:

  • Common workflows broken down into steps and further explained in video demonstrations by expert trainers.
  • Graphics, videos, audio narration, quizzes, and knowledge checks to help enrich your learning experience.

E-Learning Courses

Some of ATPCO’s most popular classroom courses are also available in e-learning format. E-learning allows you to complete ATPCO’s training from your location, at your own pace and at times that work for you.  Courses are accessed through our Learning Management System. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Course Prerequisites Fee

Getting Ready for FareManager (GRFM050)
Getting Ready for FareManager is designed to prepare you for FareManager 100 by introducing concepts and terms that you will need to know when using ATPCO’s FareManager applications.

This introductory course consists of eight modules and one exam and offers an overview of the following:

  • Introduction to ATPCO
  • ATPCO Life Cycles
  • ATPCO Data Structure
  • Navigating and Accessing FareManager
  • Introduction to Fares and Rules

You will gain an understanding of IATA’s geography, the importance of tariffs, and the role they play in ATPCO’s data structure, the key elements that make up a fare record, and the relationship between Fares and Rules.



FareManager 100 (EFM0100)
Participants in FareManager 100 will acquire the skills to implement a basic pricing decision for US/CA and international fares, including learning how to:

  • View and monitor* fares and fare conditions using Fares, GFS, Market View, and Total Price Comparison.
  • Create fares by validating and determining appropriate fare classes, footnotes, and routings.
  • Amend, restore, cancel, and match fares using Query and other Fares tools.
  • Create and amend fare classes by determining appropriate fare type, OW/RT tag, locations, and rule.
  • Distribute fares, footnotes, and rules changes and resolve common release errors.
  • Perform database maintenance by canceling fare classes, canceling fares with expired footnotes and discontinuing unnecessary footnotes.
  • Identify and resolve common errors and warnings in Fares.

ATPCO’s FareManager 100 e-learning course can be accessed for on-demand learning. You can complete the full course of 41 lessons (approximately 60 hours) or select only those topics that you need to review. Upon successful completion of this e-learning course and exam, participants may continue to FareManager 200.

Video Introduction

*Select Fare Management tools demonstrated in classes and e-learning lessons may require additional contracts or fees.  Contact your Regional Director for more information.

Getting Ready for FareManager

USD 650

FareManager 200 (EFM0200)
FareManager 200 builds on FareManager 100 to teach participants how to implement more complex pricing decisions for fares using add-ons, routings, and fare rules. Participants in FareManager 200 will learn how to create add-ons and define combinability of fares; and create, modify, and discontinue Source and Partial routings. Participants will also learn how to use fare rules to restrict eligibility; day or time; seasonality; and application. Finally participants will learn how to upload fares from an Excel spreadsheet into the Fare application and download fares and filing data.

FareManager 100

USD 650

Coding Reservation Booking Designators (ERBD100)
This version of the Coding Reservation Booking Designators course is offered as an interactive self-paced e-learning course including guided simulations and hands-on activities using our online training system. You will be able to enroll in this course after successful completion of FareManager 200.

FareManager 100 and FareManager 200

USD 650

FareManager 300 (EFM0300)
Building on the knowledge and skills acquired in FareManager 100 and 200, FareManager 300 focuses on restricting fares using various Rules categories, including Blackouts (Category 11), Sales Restrictions (Category 15), Flight Application (Category 4), Discounts (Categories 19-22), and more. In this course, you will also learn how to use General Rules and control the distribution of private data.

FareManager 100 and FareManager 200 USD 950

FareManager 400 (EFM0400)
Building on the knowledge and skills acquired in FareManager 100, 200, and 300, this course will teach participants how to code the rules categories for Stopovers, Transfers, and Miscellaneous Provisions. Participants will also learn how to use Rules Query, Rules templates, and Database Summary to identify, create, and update fare conditions, including the removal of obsolete rules restrictions.

FareManager 100, 200, and 300 USD 950

Analyzing Market Changes in GFS (including Market View) (GFSM100)
In this blended course, a live instructor will introduce the course with a brief learning classroom session using webinar technology (WebEx). Students will then have a specified time period, typically 3-4 weeks, to complete the lessons using interactive, self-paced e-learning. This class will teach participants how to leverage the FareManager GFS feature, which are designed to facilitate quick comparisons of different carriers’ fare products by component within and across markets and to analyze changes in text.

Focus topics will include competitive monitoring using customized market tables to analyze all fare, rules, and footnote activity. Participants will be given an overview on the features of analyzing markets using Market View’s comprehensive display of current market fares, which can include data from Web fares and the industry’s most comprehensive fare and rule data.


USD 450

How to Register: Search for the course code (located in parentheses after the title) in our Learning Management System. Access to the Learning Management System requires an ATPCO customer login.

Note: if this is your first time using the LMS, you may need to complete a student profile form. LMS accounts are created manually; please allow 1-2 business days for your account to be created.

System requirements:

  • Flash Player 10 or later
  • MP4 player (Windows Media Player or equivalent)
  • Internet Explorer 10 or above

Just-In-Time Learning

These courses are available for you to complete at any time at no charge. Designed to support application updates and changes, ATPCO’s just-in-time learning opportunities are a quick and easy way to learn new tools or learn more about improvements to the tools you use. No LMS registration is required for these e-learning courses, but you must first log in to the ATPCO Customer Center.

Topic Audience Release Date

Data Distribution and Subscriptions Transitional Training
This free new course is meant to assist current users of the FareManager Fares, Rules, and Footnotes applications, as well as any user who currently files data through the Government Filing System (GFS), in transitioning to the new FareManager Distribution application.
Nearly all customers, including data providers and data subscribers, will be affected by the DD&S project. This course will help you and your staff take advantage of all the benefits that DD&S and the new Distribution application will offer.

Current users of FareManager, data providers, and data subscribers

November 2015

Market View 2.0 Enhancements
Catch up with the latest enhancements to Market View, an analysis tool that provides a comprehensive view of fares and rule provisions in a single display with seamless navigation to fares, rules, and footnotes, enabling you to quickly respond to market demands. Now you can get more fare rule content in search results and access to several new detailed views for further insight into seasonality, surcharges, and combined surcharge text.

Current users of Market View. For comprehensive coverage of Market View, enroll in the Analyzing Market Changes with GFS and Market View course.)

May 2015 (Updated)

Total Price Comparison
Total Price Comparison is a fare management tool that quickly and easily helps you get a comparative view of your lowest filed total prices (including base fare, carrier-imposed [YQ/YR] fees, taxes, and surcharges) against your competitors'. Learn how to use recent enhancements that provide summarized views for monitoring sets and that expand on-demand searches for one-way journeys, multiple markets, and multiple criteria sets

Current users of Total Price Comparison

May 2015 (Updated)

On 8 December 2014, you can begin using the new ServiceManager application with a single sign-on feature using your FareManager user ID and password. Learn more about the features of this new ServiceManager with this course.

All ATPCO customers

December 2014

Linked Alliance Fares option
The new Linked Alliance Fares option became available on the FareManager home page under Data Collection and Distribution on 7 September 2014. This option can be used to identify and set up the linkage between rule provisions. You have the ability to align data between alliance airlines, your partners, your own data—anywhere such alignments are permitted.

All ATPCO customers

September 2014

FareManager Footnotes
FareManager Footnotes was re-released in mid-June 2014 in support of the larger Data Distribution and Subscriptions project.

Current users of Footnotes

June 2014

FareManager Routings
A new version of the Routings was released to ATPCO customers on 15 September, 2013. This version of Routings includes many enhancements that will improve workflow efficiencies and changes the way some Routings data applies in subscribers' global distribution systems (GDS) and computer reservation systems (CRS).

Current users of Routings

September 2013

How to access: Just-in-time learning is available in the ATPCO Customer Center (login required).

Video Demonstrations

Video demonstrations are short demos or archived webinars (normally an hour or less) designed to give you an overview of a product or demonstrate a specific set of features within a product. They are available free of charge and can be accesssed in the ATPCO Customer Center.

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