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ATPCO is the world's leader in the collection and distribution of airline fare and fare-related data. We collect this information from more than 400 airlines worldwide and distribute it to global distribution systems (GDS) such as Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre; online travel agents (Expedia and ITA); and other computer reservation systems (CRS).

ATPCO makes this process more efficient by permitting each airline to submit and distribute its information through our systems, thereby giving each CRS/GDS the opportunity for a single source of fare-related data.

One of our unique features is an Automated Rules product. It permits a CRS/GDS to automatically load its pricing rule data tables without significant human intervention, thereby allowing new fares to be sold in the marketplace in the shortest possible time.

ATPCO offers you

  • Content selectivity

  • Flexible distribution frequency

  • The best products and solutions at low cost

Building on 50 years of experience and our core competencies of high transaction capabilities, data distribution, and neutrality, ATPCO delivers solutions to the airline industry at lower costs, with greater efficiency and better accuracy. Our headquarters office is located in Washington, DC, and our regional offices are in London, Miami, and Singapore.